VENTANAS / WINDOWS – Teatro Paraiso
November 20, 2021

Photo by Gerardo Sanz

Teatro Paraiso

The wind whistles and it’s very cold. News forecasts a great wave of cold, snow and rain. It is recommended not to leave the house.
A woman is bored and upset. As she warms her cup of coffee, she is lost in thought, staring out the window. Between the blue shadows of the night, the shape of a girl appears, dancing delicately in the snow. The wind whistles louder and it has transformed into a sweet symphony of wind instruments. A beautiful universe of fish, crabs, anemones and strange plants appears before her eyes.
From the shadows to the light, from the abstract to the figurative, a combination of changing images will create an oniric and amazing universe.


Direction and Dramaturgy: Jesús Nieto
With: Rosa A. Garcia, Jone Amezaga/Miren Liceaga
Set design: Jesus Nieto
Costume design: Alejandra Calderon
Lighting design: Jesus Nieto
Photography: Gerardo Sanz
Music: Pedro Guirao
Video Assistant: Paula Alemán
Light and sound on tour: Kandela Iluminación

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