The main activity of Mapping is the research work carried out by artists and researchers to achieve the objective of the project, that is, to create a Map on the aesthetic of performing arts for early years, children from 0 to 6 years.

The research work entwines with the co-production project, which will lead to 16 new productions for early years that will tour the various festivals in 2021 and 2022.

The partners are divided into four Working groups, investigating the four Key Elements of the relationship between small children and artists (Contact, Proposal, Reaction and Balance) by focusing on one of the four Filters, basic components of performing arts (Sound, Word, Movement, Image). The aim is to identify a total of about 20-30 points among all the groups, which will become part of the Map.

The research work is guided by the researchers of ITYARN (International Theatre for Young Audience Research Network), who will take the 20-30 “points of the Map” as their starting point to write as many short papers that will be collected in the book The Map, Research book. The researchers are assisted by four co-ordinators, identified amongst the Partners.

The research has started in 2019 during the Kick-off meeting, and it will continue in 2019 and 2020 with two Common workshops for each group, all held during the project festivals. The research work will be developed as well by each partner in its everyday work with children and in three Researchers meetings, meant to evaluate the work done, share reflections and plan the future steps.


In Breda, in the frame of the wonderful BRIK Festival, the Word group had its first workshop. First words, emotions…


The festival Kaolin & Barbotine hosted the first workshop of Sound Work group, with artists from HELIOS Theater, Toihaus Salzburg,…


On the occasion of BIM BAM 2019, the first work group workshop of Mapping took place. The Image work group,…


The researchers from ITYARN, together with the four partners who coordinate the four research groups, met for the first time…

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