The entire project will be documented through the following publications:

• The Map Research book
A collection of reflections and research work written during the project, presentation of the Map and evaluation/analysis of the process.
The idea is to choose a few “points on the Map”, 5-7 for each Work Group, for a total of 20-30 points. These will be important points or elements, all connected to the four Key Elements. Each of them will be the starting point for a short article written by the researchers. The final 20-30 articles will explore and investigate the “points on the Map”.

• A New Audience Handbook
Evaluations and best practices highlighted by the research/action on Audience development.

• The Follow-up papers
Summaries and notes on the topic of direction and dramaturgy for the very young. Published in English.

• The Diary of the experience
Pictures and texts documenting the experience. A diary written by and for the participants, created by the partners during the project period. The book also collects ideas and reflections arisen throughout the years.

• The Map, illustrated book
Four international illustrators – Fabian Negrin, Katsumi Komagata, Klaas Verplanke and Manuel Marsol – will illustrate the results of the research work on the Map. The book could collect the illustrations created for the Exhibition and a synopsis of the papers created for “The Map, Research book”.

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