A COOKBOOK for Cultural Co-Programming in Early Childhood Theatre

This guidebook is the result of the research process “A New Audience” that was developed in the large-scale Creative Europe project “Mapping, a map on the aesthetics for early years”. Drawing from experiments of cultural co-programming taking place in the frame of the project, the book intends to provide a practical toolkit for those individuals who, according to their diverse social and cultural roles, are entrusted with the important task of nurturing the imagination of young spectators.

Giuliana Ciancio and Luisella Carnelli known for their international engagements, are not only colleagues but also close friends, having shared research journeys and field experiences together. United by common values and a profound dedication to the artistic and creative realm, their collaborative efforts have underscored the significance of international cultural cooperation and active participation in contemporary societies.

You can download the pdf version of the book here.

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