June 1, 2021

Photo by Maciej Zakrzewski

Teatr Animacji

The performance is a poetic invitation to listen to the stories that the forest wants to tell us. It invites youngest spectators to explore the richness of the world of trees and their inhabitants. Beautifully animated puppets, intriguing images and visuals, surprising sounds – all this will make you feel the magic of the forest and make you want to go for a walk… with eyes, ears and heart opened more than ever before!
The production was inspired by the books by Simona Kossak and Peter Wohlleben – authors who can fascinate both children and adults by showing the complexity and uniqueness of the nature and the importance of our ability to listen to what she is trying to whisper to us.
The performance is also a search for new possibilities of artistic meeting with spectators in the time of a pandemic, by using the limitations to make an artistic search for forms of new closen ess and create a scenic world rich in sensory experiences that gives spectators a sense of security.

Directed by: Alicja Morawska-Rubczak
Set and costume design by: Barbara Małecka
Music by: Wacław Zimpel
Video projections by: Paulina Ptaszyńska & Bartosz Posacki
Cast: Anna Domalewska, Zuzanna Łuczak Wiśniewska, Marcin Chomicki

The performance was co-produced by Teatr Animacji and Art Fraction Foundation.

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