MIKSI MIX – Auraco
January 27, 2023


ph. by Minna Hatinen


Mime, dance, music. Mazes, circles, spirals. Emojis of three wise monkeys. That’s what The Why Mix is made of. The word “why” is key to understanding and knowledge. “Mix” is a mixture. The Why Mix throws questions in the air about the meanings and interpretations of bodily movement. The Why Mix is a geometric, thrilling, colourful and partly serious mixture of contemporary dance, mime and music.


Director: Päivi Aura
Choreography: Päivi Aura, Kati Lehtola, Veera Lamberg, Maria Autio
Costumes: Piritta Kämi-Conway
Lighting: Nicolas Salo
Music: Heli Hartikainen
Performers: Kati Lehtola, Veera Lamberg, Maria Autio, Heli Hartikainen

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