LUDI – Teatro Paraiso
December 3, 2022

Photo by Irene Fernandez-Createctura

Teatro Paraiso

“Ludi” is a polysemic word, with different meanings. In Spanish it means “game”, in Basque it means “world” and in Esperanto the meaning is “to make an instrument sound”.
Ludi is an interactive show, a scenic poem, in which artists and audience are immersed inside the elements that make up the nature in order to experience, from sensoriality, that a more sustainable world is possible, if we place art and game as a central element of upbringing.


Direction: Rosa A. García
Dramaturgy: Rosa A. García, Irene Fernández Alvarez (Createctura)
Technician and Costumes: Ana Fernández
Set desing: Irene Fernández (Createctura)
Lighting: Ana Fernández and Irene Fernández (Createctura)
Performers: Rosa A. García/Maitane Goñi/Aritz Bengoa

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