October 29, 2022

photo by Gergő Bárdi / Kolibri Theatre

Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth

How wonderful it is to create and to receive sounds! Every living thing produces a sound – singing, squeaking, laughing, stomping, rustling. Now it is our turn to make music together! The play is built up of sounds, colors and images. The SoundBird and the Storyteller invites us on a magical journey. The interactivity of the performance is made possible by a unique and innovative audio technology. Everything happens in real time, thus enabling the performer to time interactions based on the audience’s reactions.

Author-director: János Novák
Dramaturge and co-director: Attila Eck
Designer: Klaudia Orosz
Artistic assistant: Károly Szívós
Video: Ivó Kovács
Interactive audio: Péter Márton
Technical manager: István Farkas
Music: János Novák
Assistant director: Veronika Vajdai
Performer: Melinda Megyes

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