EXtra-INtra / Álommese – EXtra-INtra / Dream Tale – Kolibri Theatre
September 23, 2019


Extra Intra

Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth

Intrauteral memories are carried through our lives, giving us significant and useful foundations after birth, with special regard to auditory memories, which young children sense directly whereas adults only vaguely. Our project operates with these auditory and spatial memories, searching for the boundary line between inside and out.

Dream Tale presents a bunny’s magical journey into the world of dreams. A play with lights, shadows, sounds and echoes. The performance evokes our first auditory and visual impressions, which accompany the bunny through the colourful world of dreams. What sounds can a baby hear inside her mother’s womb? And what sounds will she hear when she’s born? What kind of pre-natal musical experiences connect us to our mother? Dream Tale represents these aspects with a unique use of space and sound, creating an intimate, soft ambiance, which allows our youngest spectators to take part in a special shared experience with their parents.

Performers: Rita Alexics, Zoltán Mózes, György Philipp
Design: Ferenc Sebestyén
Consultant psychologist: Krisztina Andrási
Costume: Dóra Reymeyer
Assistant to the Director: Veronika Vajdai
Director: György Philipp

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