May 7, 2021

Photo by Martin Skoog

Teater Tre

Does a very young child dream of warm water, of being endlessly surrounded and safe?
Or is it a sound in the dark, a gentle rustle of unknown tunes that mesmerize and get you rocking?
A body with arms and legs that sometimes lives its own life or the warmth of a friend who tickles and plays? A room that transforms, growing big and then small again.
We create a dreamplay and invite the youngest audience and their adults to a fantasy world inspired by dreams.

Concept by: Sara Myrberg
Director: Hedvig Claesson
Set design and costume: Ylva Sanner
With: Anna Svensson Kundromichalis, Nelly Zagora
Music and Sound: Love Kjellsson
Dramaturgy: Maria Clauss
Make up: Johanna Rönnbäck
Light design: Maria Ros
Technician: Anthony Cooks
Producer: Lina Karlmark

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