07/05 - 28/10

There is a big difference between illustrating moments of theatre, dance or circus, and filtering those moments, those fragments, seeing them through the eyes or emotions of a child, focusing on the richness of the moments in which a child-spectator captures images, sounds and words of quality in order to feed their imagination. One of Mapping’s goals is to create a high-quality interaction between performing arts and the world of illustration and children’s literature.

The international call launched by Bologna Children’s Book Fair collected 584 proposals by illustrators from 61 different countries worldwide.

A panel of experts, which includes Giorgia Grilli, professor of Children’s Literature at the University of Bologna and cofounder of the Centre for Research in Children’s Literature (CRLI), Giulia Orecchia, illustrator and author, Maurizio Quarello, illustrator and professor of Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata, and Roberto Frabetti, La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi, coordinator of the Mapping project, selected works for the exhibition, organized in collaboration with Bologna Children’s Book Fair: 35 illustrations, 35 illustrators from twenty countries.

Volkan Akmese (Turkey), Simona Bursi (Italy), Tzu-Chun Chang (Taiwan), Joy Dabby (USA), Fan Eng Gee (Malaysia), Kajetana Fidler-Jaccottet (Poland), Mariajose Gajate Molina (UK), Nella Gatica (Argentina), Abigail Hicks (Ireland), Poppy Li (Taiwan), Kaiming Liu (China), Thea Lu (China), Siming Ma (China), Beatriz Marin Urban (Spain), Rocío Mikulic (Argentina), Manuela Montoya Escobar (Colombia), Alice Negrelli (Italy), Fátima Ordinola Guerra (Peru), Daniela Pareschi (Italy), Sunhee Park (South Korea), Yalda Rasekhi (Iran), Ola Rek (UK), Soledad Rodríguez (Spain), Maria Florencia Rodriguez Actis (Argentina), Nadia Romero Marchesini (Argentina), Benedetta Sala (Italy), Julia Schigal ( Russia), Victoria Semykina (Russia), Viktória Takács (Hungary), Dide Tengiz (UK), Elena Val (Spain), Arthur Vergani (Brazil/Italy), Sanprapha Vudhivorn (Thailand), Dongni Wei (China), Sofía Zapata (Ecuador).

All images are property of the individual authors and of any publishers: reproduction is granted exclusively in the context of the dissemination of the project “Mapping. A Map on the Aesthetics of Performing Arts for Early Years”.

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