28/02 - 02/04

There is a big difference between illustrating moments of theatre, dance or circus, and filtering those moments, those fragments, seeing them through the eyes or emotions of a child, focusing on the richness of the moments in which a child-spectator captures images, sounds and words of quality in order to feed their imagination.
One of Mapping’s goals is to create a high-quality interaction between performing arts and the world of illustration and children’s literature. The exhibition “Children spectators” is one of the way the project is pursuing it.

The second “The Children-Spectators” exhibition was supposed to be visible in Bologna, in Teatro Testoni Ragazzi, from February 28th (the beginning of Visioni 2020) and April 2nd (the end of Bologna Children’s Book Fair). The Covid-19 pandemic did not allow for a proper opening, but the exhibition had its visibility in the frame of the online edition of Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2020.

In 2020, 641 illustrators from 62 countries participated to the second edition. The jurors – Ayami Moriizumi, Paola Vassalli, Giorgia Grilli e Roberto Frabetti – selected 38 artists: Adam Wasik (Great Britain), Alessia Amori (Italy), Carin Guarino (Italy), Carolina T. Godina Ciria (Spain), Chiara Raineri (Italy), Cristina Pieropan (Italy), Daniel Trudu (Italy), Daniela Santandrea (Italy), Darcy Zoells (Usa), Eliana Micheli (Italy), Elisa Caroli (Italy), Gabriela Endo (Argentina), Giulio Lardera (Italy), Kiki Skipi (Italy), Lizaveta Chkhaidze (Russia), Lourdes Asencio Sánchez (Spain), Lykke Bianca Petersen (Denmark), Maite Ortiz (Germany), Maria Ashikhmina (Usa), Martina Aranda (Belgium), Matteo Pagani (Italy), Natalia Bykova (Russia), Noémi Grandjean (Belgium), Pier Luigi Sandano (Italy), Pikazoo Chen (Taiwan), Rita Tu (Usa), Salvatore Ferrara (Italy), Shirley Ng-Benitez (Usa), Sofie Nachtegael (Belgium), Sole Rodríguez (Spain), Sonja Danowski (Germany), Sophie Vissière (France), Suzanne Kaufman (Usa), Svitlana Zemlyankina (Germany), Tonka Uzu (Great Britain), Tzu-Chun Chang (Great Britain), Vittoria Valentini (Italy), Yuke Li (Usa).


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