Kaolin Et Barbotine 2019 goes on in Limoges

May 15th, 2019 – Kaolin Et Barbotine is a festival devoted to early years audiences produced by Ville de Limoges, partner of Mapping.

During the weekend, the festival hosted the first workshop of Sound Work group, with artists from HELIOS Theater, Toihaus Salzburg, Kolibri Színház and Teater Tre, and Katherine Morley, the researcher following their work. The artists met all together for the first time and, led by Barbara Kölling, started reflecting on personal experiences of past shows with a focus on sound, both live and recorded, and the role it had in creating and performing. Three days full of suggestions and discussions, for a work that will have its next step in Charleroi in May 2020.

Take a look to the shows presented and to the complete program of the festival here.