The research work on the Map, involving artists from theatrical companies, researcher of the ITYARN and illustrators through the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, will lead to many concrete results, visible developments of the work carried out over the first years of the project.

  • 4 Exhibitions. Three exhibitions (one every year) of illustrations on the Children Spectators topic, plus The Map, the exhibition, presented on the occasion of Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2022
  • 16 new productions for early years audiences will born from the common co-production process, entwined with The Map Research
  • 5 books collecting the results of the research. The 20-30 “points of the Map” will be starting point to write as many short papers for the researchers of the ITYARN. Indeed, the Audience Development and Follow Up researches will produce handbooks too. Moreover, four international illustrators will give to the content of the Map a shape, thorough personal works of art. Last but not least will be published a diary written by the participants during the project.


Three exhibitions based on International Calls for Proposals for illustrations on the idea of Children Spectators, plus The Map exhibition, that will be presented on the occasion of Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2022

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The work on the Map, developed by the Partners throughout the project and in the frame of theis own research path, will lead to the creation of sixteen new theatre productions for early years.

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The entire project will be documented through five publications, that will collect all the researches developed as well as the illustrations created by the four international illustrators.

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